Zambuzit, Master Of The Thieves Guild

He is one of the ebony humans in town. He has his hair in braids which jangle when he walks. He stands in at 6'1. He sits on a large golden throne of a chair. When a PC finally meets he gives them a nice mean option on joining the guild or losing fingers. (OR their lives, if they offend him too much!) He is a bit hot headed when it comes to the guild due to some of the first have run a foul of the law and been captured. He has a smooth cool head when it comes to a theft that he was pulling off. He tries to instill upon other members to look out side the box when doing a job due to there is always some other way past the security. The guild has an unwritten understanding with the king: they keep their predations on the populace to a minimum & avoid violence, and he doesn’t drop the sharp end of his greatsword on them. Thus, the king knows where to go looking for them if he needs to, rather than having to search for them if he drove them truly underground.

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