Tokanus the Token Human Fighter

Name: Tokanus Glavchev
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 204 #s
Hair: Ear-length coarse black hair, slightly curly, often unkempt. Matching beard, roughly trimmed to a length of 2-3". Bushy eyebrows.
Eyes: Dark brown, almost black
Description: The last known survivor of the original Knights of the Dragon, all others are currently missing in action (MIA).
Typically carrying a wide variety of weapons, most notably a spiked chain.
A devout follower of St. Cuthbert, and strict adherent of the rule of law; enjoys dispensing justice in the King's name.
Practiced in multiple forms of combat, but has only truly mastered knocking his opponents from their feet.
Has received training from Xochatl the wanderer in adapting to any terrain he might find himself in.
His most recent travels have taken him to the remote continent of Gangurru, where he has been trained in the obscure methods of psionics.

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