The World
  • Knights of the Dragon is set in a Greyhawk analogue. The city of Greyhawk exists, as does the Flaness, but its’ super-continent is truncated. The Nine Arch-Mages of Greyhawk (Bigby, Mordenkainen, etc.) exist. The default Greyhawk pantheon (Heironeous, Hextor, etc.) is the dominant pantheon. There are two moons, and a fixed-date calendar.
  • However, the world does vary from the established Greyhawk canon. The rest of the world’s geography varies from that of Oerth; this sister-world is named Parn. The campaign is based in the young kingdom of Calvaria, located on the continent of Atarrfa. Many races (or sub-races) may break societal norms and expectations.
  • The plane on which Parn resides emphasizes personal choice and accountability. Therefore, any Monster Manual entry that states
    • “Alignment: always {neutral evil/lawful good/etc.}”
      • should instead be construed as
    • “Alignment: usually {neutral evil/lawful good/etc.}”
  • The campaign generally takes a serious tone, with some lighter notes.
    • That said, puns abound. No apologies shall be offered.
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