Races of Destiny
  • No creatures with more than a combined total of 7 (racial hit dice and levels of adjustment) may be taken for a 8th level character.
    • Human, Illumian is a newly available race.
      • For clarity, an Illumian may only ever have two Power Sigils, which make one Illumian Word. You get the first Power Sigil at character creation, and the second when you reach 2nd level in any class
    • Human, Mongrelfolk is a newly available race.
    • Human, Sea Kin is a newly available race.
    • Human, Sharakim is a newly available race.
    • Human, Skulk is a newly available race.
      • The Skulk Monster Class is not available; in order to play a Skulk you must start as at least a 4th level character with 1 class level, 2 racial hit dice, and 1 level adjustment.
    • Human, Underfolk is a newly available race.
    • Ogre, Half-Ogre is a newly available race.
  • No prestige class levels may be taken until the player meets an NPC trainer in game play.
  • Feats:
    • Diverse Background is not an available feat. There are no experience penalties for Multiclassing in KotD. Favored class is a flavor option.
    • For purposes of this campaign the Human Heritage feat reads as follows:
      "Your human heritage is more prominent than in others of your kind."
      Prerequisite: Half-Elf, Half-Giant, Half-Ogre, Half-Orc, Illumian, Mongrelfolk, Sea Kin, Sharakim, Skulk, or Underfolk
      Benefit: You are treated as a humanoid with the human subtype for the purpose of adjudicating all effects. If you are not a humanoid, your type changes to humanoid and you gain the human subtype. If you are already a humanoid, you gain the human subtype. In either case, you retain any other subtypes you had (such as orc or extraplanar), and you retain any traits common to all creatures of your original type (such as darkvision). You gain 4 additional skill points.
      Special: This feat may only be taken at 1st level. This is a one time change to your base type/subtype(s). If something else modifies your type/subtype(s) follow the instructions for that change, you retain the skill points.
  • Powers:
    • For the Purposes of this campaign, the power Synchronicity reads as follows

      Level: Psion/wilder 4
      Display: Visual
      Manifesting Time: 1 standard action
      Range: Personal
      Target: You
      Duration: 1 round
      Power Points: 7

      Your eyes flash with visions only you can truly make out.
      You gain a brief glimpse into the future that allows you to arrange a coincidence of events. When you manifest this power, you can ready a standard action (without spending an action to do so) and use it whenever you choose before your next turn. Unlike the normal use of readied actions, you need not specify the condition under which you take your readied action. You also do not need to specify the standard action you are readying. If you do not perform your readied action before your next turn, you lose that action.

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