Queen Marlene Of Calvaria

She is a woman in her late thirties, petite, with long, smoothly flowing black hair and dark brown eyes. She prefers gowns of various shades of green, and a simple gold circlet is the only denotation of rank she will wear. A woman seldom seen in public, or even at formal events. Originally a wetnurse for Prince Michael, she came to love the king, and he slowly reciprocated after the death of his first wife. As she was an unwed young mother (the reason she could “function” as wetnurse), and her daughter’s father was dead, there were few obstacles to their union. Further, Prince Nichols was born only a few months after her marriage to the king. However, she came from even humbler beginnings than Calvarion, and thus is embarrassed at the attention she receives due to her new station in life. As a result, she shuns the public; not out of disdain, but distress.

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