Prince Nichols Of Calvaria

A man on the cusp of adulthood, he stands 5’9”, with short black hair, dark brown eyes, and a slender build. Given his natural talents for detail and organization, the king has groomed him for administration of the realm; handling the day-to-day matters as well as long-term planning with regards to growth of the kingdom. He unfortunately often stands in his elder brother’s shadow both literally and figuratively. Nichols enjoys the power of his position, and this often results in a sneer or look of disinterest on his face when dealing with non-royalty or nobility. He never shirks his duty to his father or the realm, but he may find it boring or tiresome. He has a small group of like-minded friends among the nobility, and they spend their spare time in more “sporting” pursuits: archery, falconry, fencing, hunting, etc.

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