Marcy and Abby, Owners Of The Four Corners

They are twin sisters by birth they are in their mid twenties and took over the Four Corners from the previous owners due to they worked there and were they best they had so they knew they could pass it along to them and it would be in good hands. They both stand in at 5'10 with blonde hair and green eyes. They are both what the town considers the most beautiful girls in the city. Marcy the druid has a bit more of a wild look in her eye. While Abby is understudying to be a monk from Waauugh and she is his most promising student. She has more of a peaceful side to her. They both know how to use what there mother gave them to get men to do what they ask; which sometimes is funny to watch. They are the twin children of Deedlit and Devlin from the rangers' hold.

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