Knights In The Campaign


Tokanus, the Token Human Fighter
Dorah, Halfling Ranger
Quani Tapawingo, Elven Fighter


King Joseph Calvarion I, The Just, The Black Dragon-Slayer, The Heavy Sword
Queen Marlene of Calvaria
Crown Prince Michael of Calvaria
Prince Nichols of Calvaria

Dalin, Cardinal of St. Cuthbert
Deedlit, High Priestess of Ehlonna at Devlin keep
Addgar the gnome “gimmeethirtyseconds” High Wanderer of Fharlanghn
Armond Deepore, High Somnlinor of Moradin
Arthurious, Heirophant of Pelor

Royal Court
Hanz Cloudstrike, Paladin of St. Cuthbert & King's Champion
Arrin Forthan, Seneschal of King Calvarion I
Xynn of the Clenching Fist, Archmage
Ashalia Merrinlaq, Elven emissary to the court of King Calvarion I

Sir Fredericks Henriksson, Commander of the Guard {palace, city, border}
Dame Elena Blagoev, Captain of the Palace Guard & daughter of Queen Marlene
Sir Guimart Thibodeaux, Captain of the Cityguard
Sir Varsk Qqqulthark, Captain of the Borderguard, full-blooded hobgoblin

Gabriel, proprietor of Honest Gabe's Magic Shop
Richard, dwarven owner of the Inn of the Last Torch
Dr. Adama, minotaur owner of the Nightmare
Captain Jack Daniels of the Awful Dingy
Erikkan, owner of the Silver Shield Adventurer’s Guild
Jacob, owner of the Redd Ale Inn
Marcy and Abby, owners of the Four Corners
Mr. Silverman of the bank / money exchanger
Garf’Nor, ogre owner of Bloodbath & Beyond
Albere Deepore, dwarven owner of the Hammer & Tongs

Various & Sundry
Zambuzit, master of the thieves guild
Waauugh the Elven Monk
Devlin the Ranger
Jimmy Hendrizzt, Drow bard

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