King Joseph Calvarion I, The Just, The Black Dragon Slayer, The Heavy Sword

He is in his mid fifties with dark brown eyes, medium length gray hair, short cut goatee on his slightly wrinkled face, 6'1”. He talks from a warm and caring heart of his when he talks. He always listens and makes just decisions when it comes to people and there problems. He has a strong distaste for evil acts but knows sometimes to thrive you need a little bit of force to help move things along. So begin his quest to remove the dragon that was controlling this region. It took him many years and companions to dispose of the dragon but once he did so in single combat. After finally liberating the area, he saw a shattered human realm that had had no ruler for centuries. He realized that having given the humans freedom, he now must give them leadership. He declared himself king, with Cardinal Dalin placing the crown upon his head. He immediately began reconstruction of a ruined city, and its castle. He then named the city, and the kingdom after himself. He got married to his long time love a year after defeating the dragon, and then one year later prince Micheal was born. But a year after that his wife died in a freak snow storm that caught a caravan off guard and froze the queen. The king then found love in small bits in different places and one of his mistresses got pregnant with prince Nichols. So he took them both in and under his good heart married her, and raised his second son as a prince as well Since then he has tried to raise the boys so they can take over the kingdom and rule justly like he does. After several years of wearing the crown, he realized that his duties to the new kingdom lay more in rulership than facing it dangers directly, and his long-time adventuring companions and growing military could handle combat for him. Thus, he is now far less active in the field than he used to be, but is still a deadly combatant, especially with any greatsword, or even more so with the one Cardin Dalin blessed for him.

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