Gabriel, Proprietor Of Honest Gabe's Magic Shop

He is a very tall human standing in at 6'6 with gray eyes. He is always wearing a black top hat & frock coat. He has black short cropped hair & close-trimmed beard with muttonchop sideburns without a moustache. When he takes off his top hat his hair is completely a mess. He always has a nerdy brainy look to him. He loves to study plants and is always trying to make a new species to use in spells. That is why he has a huge garden outside of his shop which isn't just for spell components. He is the town magic shop owner he is willing to help with anything magical & typically is running a 20% sale on all 0- & 1st-level curative items. He can produce or procure *any* non-evil magic item; there may a price premium attached to the ones he cannot create. Likewise, he has discounts on “slightly defective” items.

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