• Dungeons & Dragons v3.5 Draconomicon (Dr)
    • No prestige class levels may be taken until the player meets an NPC trainer in game play.
      • The Unholy Ravager of Tiamat prestige class is not permitted.
      • The Talon of Tiamat prestige class is not permitted.
    • All [EPIC] feats are not available.
    • All [metabreath] feats have the pre-requisite of "breath weapon" changed to "breath weapon, minimum twice/day".
    • The "Large and in Charge" feat is not available.
    • The "Dragon Cohort" feat is subject to the the following modification for this campaign: "Regardless of a character’s Leadership score, he can only recruit a cohort whose ECL is at most one-half (rounding down) the character's level."
      • The restriction can be avoided only when selecting Non-True Dragons, i.e. Dragonnel, Dragon Turtle, Pseudodragon, Wyvern
    • The "Sense Weakness" feat is not available.
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