Devlin The Ranger

He looks like your typical ranger. He stands in at 5'11 with long brown hair which goes back into a ponytail unless he is out in the wilderness which he then lets it run wild. Soft hazel eyes that know and understand all things animals and wilderness. When he is talking he has a gruff voice and to make sure if there is anything that might harm the woods or animals he will speak up to make sure care is taken. He is in his early fifties. He was one of the kings traveling companions when he was taking on the dragon. The king asked him to stay and help him bring peace to the realm. Which he took up and made a small keep in the northern woods. Viewed as a 'crazy old coot' by the citizens of the kingdom. Two massive oaks mark the entrance to his woods, with “I see all” inscribed on them in most written languages. Very seldom seen unless he wishes to be (which is not often). Married to Deedlit, High Priestess of Ehlonna; father to Marcy and Abby.

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