Dalin, Cardinal Of St Cuthbert

He is an elderly cleric in his late 60’s/early 70’s. He has short gray hair. He stands in at 5'11. With strong blue eyes that look like brilliant clear lakes and show his power that he can wield. He was in shape at one point in his life but with age he has lost some of his strength but makes up that with his faith. He has believed since his time on the wild coast that people shouldn’t die from accidents or wars. His faith brings law to the land so if anyone died unjustly he would bring them back to life on the spot no questions asked. With this his following grew to unbelievable proportions. So he has used his healing powers to help the people; that is how he has gathered a great following for his god. He is still combating evil at his old age due to his devoted faith in St. Cuthbert. When he is in town at his temple he will be wearing simple brown and russet garments and have a tabard with St. Cuthbert cudgel symbol in oak or bronzewood around his neck. If he is off to fight evil he will don a set of magical full plate and a shield with St. Cuthbert starburst/croizius holy symbol on it, and a with a powerfully enchanted mace at his side. When spoken to he is an up front about his faith and will always try to get people to join in following St. Cuthbert. He has a very strong relationship to Hanz Cloudstrike, a fellow worshiper of his god and paladin.

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