Complete Psionic
  • Feats:
    • For the Purposes of this campaign, Linked Power reads as follows:

      Linked Power [Metapsionic]

      You can link a power to the power you manifest in this round so that it goes off next round.

      To use this feat, you must expend your psionic focus. Manifesting a power altered by this feat means that you must choose two powersone you intend to manifest in this round, and one you intend to manifest in the next round. The power that is manifested in this round is not altered in any way, nor is the linked power that goes off in the next roundhowever, you only need to spend your swift action but no power points next round to manifest the linked power. The linked power is automatically targeted on the same area or target as the power you manifest in this round (if the power you manifest this round has no area or target, choose an area or target in this round for the linked power to affect in the next round; because the power you manifest next round is restricted to the same area, the ranges need to overlap and you get the most restrictive range, if the ranges do not overlap the second power fizzles). If the same creature is targeted by both powers, the target experiences all the effects of both powers individually and receives a saving throw (if applicable) for each. In some cases, such as a psionic charm followed by a linked psionic charm, failing both saving throws results in redundant effects (although, in this example, any ally of the target would have to succeed on two dispel attempts to free the target from the charm effect). It is possible that by the time the linked power comes into effect on the following round, the area where it goes off or the target that it affects no longer has relevance. On the other hand, you are free on the subsequent round to take actions normally. Using this feat increases the power point cost of the power manifested this round by a number equal to the power point cost of the linked power. Thus if you manifest energy stun (3 power points) and energy burst (5 power points) as the linked power, the metapsionic cost is 8. The total of power points you spend in this manner cannot exceed your manifester level.

  • Powers:
    • For the Purposes of this campaign, the power Synchronicity reads as follows

      Level: Psion/wilder 4
      Display: Visual
      Manifesting Time: 1 standard action
      Range: Personal
      Target: You
      Duration: 1 round
      Power Points: 7

      Your eyes flash with visions only you can truly make out.
      You gain a brief glimpse into the future that allows you to arrange a coincidence of events. When you manifest this power, you can ready a standard action (without spending an action to do so) and use it whenever you choose before your next turn. Unlike the normal use of readied actions, you need not specify the condition under which you take your readied action. You also do not need to specify the standard action you are readying. If you do not perform your readied action before your next turn, you lose that action.

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