Character Creation
Point Buy Costs
Points Spent Score Modifier
0 8 -1
1 9 -1
2 10 $-$
3 11 $-$
4 12 +1
5 13 +1
6 14 +2
8 15 +2
10 16 +3
13 17 +3
16 18 +4

The rules for character creation are as follows:
  • Stats are generated in one of the following ways
    • The player makes 6 rolls, one for each of the stats, witnessed by a Dungeon Master. The rolls are made by 4 6-sided dice with the lowest die in each set of 4 being discarded (4D6 drop-the-lowest). Once the player has 6 rolls, any roll that was below 12, is increased to 12. This method can only be used for character creation during a module with a KotD GM present.
    • Alternately, the player may use a 30-point point buy as detailed in the Dungeons and Dragons v3.5 Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG) on page 169.
      • For each of the 6 stats, assign a number of points using the table to the right, so that the total of the points spent equals 30.
      • Stats may not be less than 8 or more than 18 using this method.
      • All stats are adjusted by Race afterward, so racial adjustments could take an 8 to a 6 or an 18 to a 20 or further if using a non-PHB race with a higher level pre-generated character.
    • All rolls and point cost are determined by the stats before applying racial modifiers.
  • The player is allowed to buy equipment at book prices when creating a new character.
    • The player may buy all the equipment from a class's starting package for the cost of the average starting gold for that class.
      • For example, the equipment (including the gold) from the Fighter starting package would cost 150 gp.
      • Another example, the equipment (including the gold) from the Monk starting package would cost 12 gp 5 sp.
      • The Player may only buy one starting package.
    • The entry for the Alchemist's Lab is modified to read: An alchemist’s lab always has the perfect tool for making alchemical items, beyond what even a set of masterwork artisan's tools (alchemical) provides, so it provides a +4 circumstance bonus on Craft (alchemy) checks. It has no bearing on the costs related to the Craft (alchemy) skill. Please note that the +2 cicumstance bonus that masterwork artisan's tools (alchemical) provide will not stack with the bonus provided by the Alchemist's Lab.
    • Writing a New Spell Into a Spellbook - use the process described on p.178 of the PHB with the following exception - there are no special materials/cost required.
  • Unless the player is recreating a sufficiently high level character that has been killed or retired, they are limited to using the books accessible at their level and below. Races are shown at the level they first become playable. The races from the Dungeons and Dragons v3.5 Player’s Handbook (PHB) are all playable from first level.
  • At this level the player is limited to only using material from the Dungeons and Dragons v3.5 Player’s Handbook (PHB). This material is also available in the System Resource Document (SRD). At this time, a player can only use part of the SRD for creating a character (specifically the part that corresponds to the PHB).
    • If the PHB refers to material presented in another book (such as the Monster Manual I), the player may use such material as required (such as the stat block for a pack animal if the player purchased one).
  • The player starts with the maximum starting gold for their class as delineated in table 7-1 on page 111 of the PHB.
  • The player starts with the maximum hitpoints for their class.
  • The only alignment NOT available is Chaotic Evil.
  • Multiclassing XP penalties DO NOT apply, "Favored Class" is a mechanical roleplaying element that players may choose to ignore.

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