• Calvaria is a young kingdom, slightly over 20 years since it was established, when the events in KotD #1 occur. [Modules + intervening time is roughly equal to two months each. Therefore, there are 6 modules per in-game year.]
  • Approximately 500 years ago the Ancient Black Dragon Glaugagaroth crushed the fading monarchy of the Old Empire of the Österreichische, and established an absolute dictatorship over the human populace. Abandoned by their former allies to the depredations of the dragon due to previously worsening relations, over 500,000 humanoids (predominantly humans) died at Glaugagaroth’s hands, and another 2,000,000 were enslaved.
  • Approximately 20 years ago, a warrior named Josef Calvarion and his adventuring party (composed of oldest friend Bishop Dalin of St. Cuthbert; paladin of St. Cuthbert Hanz Cloudstrike; the ranger Devlin & his wife Deedlit, druid/priestess of Ehlonna; and a youthful Argent Savant by the name of Xynn) landed on the shores of Atarrfa. They soon heard of Glaugagaroth’s horrific actions, and swore to thwart it. It took Calvarion many years and companions to dispose of the dragon but once he did so it in singular fashion: he challenged the dragon to single combat. In spite of the numerous losses inflicted upon its realm, it was confident that no mere single human could stop it after so many years of success, it accepted. After conversing with his allies & receiving as much aid as they could provide in magical enhancements, Calvarion took the field, and faced the massive, vile, ancient, malevolent creature. After an over an hour of combat, Calvarion’s greatsword severed Glaugagaroth’s from its neck, and its reign of terror was ended.
  • After finally liberating the area, Calvarion saw a shattered human realm that had had no ruler for centuries. He realized that having given the humans freedom, he now must give them leadership. He declared himself king, with the recently-promoted Cardinal Dalin placing the crown upon his head. He immediately began reconstruction of a ruined city, and its castle. Calvarion then named the city, and the kingdom after himself.
  • As of the events in KotD #1 "Celebration", Calvaria now occupies an area of approximately 32,000 square miles; and a total population of 100,000. Climate is temperate, terrain is predominantly rolling hills, evergreen forests, and prairies.
  • The national theistic system is worship of St. Cuthbert, god of Judgement. Worship of other lawful deities and good deities are openly accepted, although lawful evil sects are watched with suspicion.
  • The nation’s flag features blue & red quadrants, with a crozius of St. Cuthbert centered where the fields meet.
  • Major exports include worked metals, leathers & wicker; wheat, oats, apples, & cherries. Major imports include smelted metals, livestock, alcohol, and exotic fruits and grains.
  • The civilian populace is encouraged to follow the tenets of their king and his patron deity, and judge others based upon their actions, not on their race or nation of origin.
  • Its’ capital city [creatively also named ‘Calvaria’] has a total population of just over 5,000 [just enough to be classified as a minor city] and sprawls along the west bank of the River Knox. The capital is cosmopolitan in its outlook and population, in spite of its small size.
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