Authoring Modules

Modules for Knights of the Dragon are released in blocks usually coinciding with GenCon. Typically we prefer module authors to be existing judges and should meet the same requirements. Typically an author will be expected to judge the initial two slots of the new module at GenCon (if the module debuts at GenCon).
If you have an idea for a module please contact Matthew Lenzen and Andrew Vollbrecht in order to determine how it fits into the story and what module number it will be.

A module's number determines the general difficulty of the module, with the modules in a single block being roughly the same difficulty (although there is some discretion for a ramp up in difficulty for the last module in a block). Modules are roughly designed around a formula of 2-4 encounters yielding a fixed amount of experience derived from the module number. By this method, it's expected that players will increase in level every 3-4 modules.

Alternately, if you would like to author a module but want to contribute something more closely tied to the story, please contact Matthew and Andrew. They may be able to supply you with some key events, a title, and a blurb (short description of the module).

All modules have editors, an editors purpose is a sounding board and grammar and spell checker. An editor is also responsible for making sure that the module does not fall outside of the difficulty range (although CR should be a good initial guide). Finally an editor should provide some feedback as to whether an idea falls outside of the scope of the campaign (this is fairly difficult to have happen).

Instead of a traditional Author/Editor relationship you could opt for a co-Author relationship. In this case writing duties and credit is shared, and the expectation is that each person checks the others work.

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