Arrin Forthan Seneschal Of King Calvarion I

When Calvarion pronounced himself king of a new nation, he knew he needed men with skills he lacked to build his new nation/rebuild the city and castle located within it. Arrin was one such man who responded to the new king’s call. Now in his 60’s, he is slightly stooped but still spry and observant. He now stands 5’8”, with piercing gray eyes & shoulder-length silver hair. His garments are well tailored in modest browns & blacks, but with the king’s colors displayed in the stole draped around his neck & the chain of office hung from his neck. Originally a resident of the Seven Dales, he accepted the large retainer to become the cities’ chief civil engineer. Responsible for the diversion of a river to flow under the city to feed it wells & flush its sewers, paving of the streets, and designation of the various districts. After 12 years of organizing the city, the king requested that he expand his horizons, and now serve him in a different capacity. As seneschal, he not only organizes the king’s household, but also his schedule. He continues to act as an adviser on matters relating to architecture, exploitation of natural resources, commerce, and even relations with other nations (especially the Seven Dales).

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